About the Artist


Robin Grotke is an artist and photographer living in southeastern North Carolina. Her inspiration is drawn from nature, people and cultures, emotions and humor, new life and decay, present moments and distant memories. Grotke's work focuses on the sensation of "being there," taking the viewer to the location of the photograph so that he/she feels as she did when the image was taken. 

Grotke received a BA in Anthropology from the University of San Diego and an MA in Anthropology/Museum Studies from the University of Denver. Her background in the museum field allowed her to study a wide range of visual artistic expressions and the processes for their creation, which was an excellent means of learning about the importance of art across a wide range of societies and cultures. The museum environment, which included exhibit design, was formative in the cultivation of her own creative and artistic work, leading to her professional focus on photography as an inspiring, galvanizing medium for communication and expression. 

If you would like to receive more information about Robin Grotke’s art or are interested in making a purchase, please send an email to: grotke.robin@gmail.com